Saturday, July 28, 2012

Quick update

Alright, haven't really been online much for anything other then facebook or my course. Not a whole lot has happened in the last few months.
One of the most exciting things was that my mum, myself and Sparky all drove 2 hours to my brothers for a few days, to look after his house and 3 dogs (who Sparky and I will be moving in with next year). Sparky used to HATE driving and was carsick. But with some training, and that much time in the car, he's not to bad now. It was a long trip but we made it (thank doG we had paper bowls in the car to catch his lovely spew...)
Anyway, aside from a few little spats, he ended up getting on fine with the 3 dogs. I made sure to keep him separated a lot and give him alone time, and every day I would take him for short walks with each dog. Hes only issue now is learning how to play properly haha.
Sparky, Tinkabelle and Alonso (Missing: Georgia). This is what my brothers dogs do when you leave the house, they all line up at the window and watch your car drive away. On this particular day, Sparky decided he would join in with them.

Sparky is currently on Science Diet. Don't. Even. Ask. Anyway it's a small bag, and I'll be trying him on Earthborn next week. Deedee is on Holistic Select. She hates it, and Sparky gets itchy from eating it. Ahem, note to self, never but 13kg bags of food that you haven't even tried before.
Now that I have a job though I have told mum I'll be paying for Sparkys food etc. So now I get to choose what he eats, instead of having to argue with her.

Not much training has gotten done. My neice stole my clicker and I have no idea what happened to it, but I ordered another today (and will soon be ordering more...). I got Sparky a front attaching harness, just for incase he pulls towards other dogs. But then I just read on a forum I like to go to (though haven't for a while) that it can be quite damaging on dogs shoulders. As well as that, it just doesn't mesh with me, I don't like it. So I'll probably just either sell it or keep it in case it comes in handy some day.

Both dogs got crates and Deedee doesn't seem to mind hers, Sparky loves his.
He has been so much better with dogs on walks. He may not be a social butterfly, and he still reacts from time to time, but he has gotten a lot better and will usually just ignore the other dog.

Also, they both got cute little matching jumpers because it's winter here :)

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